Book Review – A Day At The Office

by Matt Dunn
Started: 4th July 2014
Finished: 6th July 2014

I do love Galaxy chocolate, and I love it even more when you’re able to get free ebooks. A Day At The Office caught my eye and I quickly downloaded it.

A Day At The Office is exactly what the title suggests. However to isn’t an ordinary day, it’s Valentine’s Day and the perfect day to pursue an office romance. There’s Sophie who’s desperate to seduce Nathan. Nathan who has been organising the office’s annual Anti-Valentine’s event after an incident that has left him sour. After a drunken kiss at the office Christmas party, Mark and Julie don’t know how to address it and Mark just can’t get her off his mind. Then there’s self-conscious Calum who’s anxiously awaiting his first date in several years (if ever).

As I mentioned this novel spans just one day, and the pacing of the novel is perfect for me. It isn’t too fast and it didn’t seem as though there’s a lull or a pause in the story. With all the different characters there is constantly something going on, but it isn’t too busy or confusing. Each chapter is separated into smaller pasta which focuses on each character at that part of the day. This made the chapters feel shorter and quicker to read.

There wasn’t a single segment that I didn’t enjoy reading. As there are only a handful of characters, you’re really able to build up a relationship with them and you just want it all to work outfit them. Each part had equal attention given to them and each one isn’t totally separate from the other. As it’s a small office all the character appear in other segments that focuses on others – which is great as it feels more realistic and you don’t forget about anyone.

There’s a certain charm about the characters, and it’s always a great feeling when you like all the characters in a book. After hearing what happened to Nathan I really felt for him, as it is a horrible thing to have to experience. I loved the friendships between Sophie and Julie and Nathan and Mark – they seemed real. Especially their conversations about trying to understand opposite sex. One character that I ended up liking more than I expected was Calum. I was worried he would be a little dull, but his nervousness over his first date (who he met online) was adorable.

I was surprised with a few aspects of this book. Especially with the ending as it wasn’t as obvious as I assumed it would be, which I liked. It was nice to have something unexpected. The humour in the novel is fun too and mostly left me with a big smile on my face. However sometimes it can feel a little forced.

Overall it’s a great book, full of miscommunication and romance. I can’t wait to read something else by Dunn.

Rating: 4/5


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