Book Review – The Last Dance and Other Stories

by Victoria Hislop
Started: 3rd July 2014
Finished: 4th July 2014

After reading Hislop’s The Island I wanted to read something else by her. This caught my eye on several trips into bookshop and I eventually tried it.

In this collection are ten short stories, none of them link together but they all take place on Greek Islands or the Greek part of Cyprus. The stories are also similar in theme with love, family, growth and heartbreak.

Each short story is wonderfully written and I admire the way Hislop crafted each one. Within just a few pages you’re given a fairly detailed snapshot of that point in the characters life. The characters themselves are also likeable and convincingly human.

There wasn’t a single story or character that I didn’t like or enjoy. I did like some stories more than others, such as: The Kafenion, Aflame in Athens, The Lesson and The Last Dance. For me these stories held the most interesting plot and their endings will stay with me for longer than the others. The other stories didn’t really stand out to me. Although I enjoyed them whilst reading them, I dot really remember them after moving onto another short story.

While I liked these short stories I did enjoy Hislop’s longer, single, novel The Island a lot more. I love the details in Hislop’s writing and prefer them when they can be explored in a longer novel. The connection is a nice short holiday read (easy to digest too) especially if you’re holiday setting is one she writes about (as mine was). However in future I think I’ll stick to her longer novels.

Rating: 3/5


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