Book Review – About A Girl

by Lindsey Kelk
Started: 8th July 2014
Finished: 9th July 2014

It has been a while since I read anything by Lindsey Kelk. Her I Heart series (particularly Angela Clark) leaves me feeling conflicted. However with the sequel to About A Girl (What A Girl Wants nearing publication I thought that it’s about time I read it.

After losing her job and sleeping with the wrong man, Tess Brookes’ life is falling apart. So what can a girl do to fix it? Apparently pretend to be your super slag, Satan-like flatmate Vanessa and jet off to Hawaii. However it doesn’t seem like such a good idea when Bertie Bennett (king of the fashion industry) doesn’t want to take part in the interview or photo Tess (or rather Vanessa) has been sent to cover. And how does she feel over hot but bad boy Nick?

Unlike Angela Clark from the I Heart series I found Tess a very likeable protagonist. Sure, she makes some terrible decisions and you can’t help but wonder why she thinks what she’s about to do is a great idea… But I couldn’t help but like her and I didn’t find her frustrating as much as I do Angela. She knows what she’s doing I’d wrong but when is there a good time to reveal it? Her best friend if forever, Amy, comes out with some funny lines and interesting insults. However sometimes she can be a bit much and a bit annoying. Although he’s meant to be the bad boy of the novel, I really liked Nick’s character and wanted to learn more about his past (hopefully in the sequel?).

I found the plot of the novel to be well executed. Especially as the beginning of the novel starts with such chaos, then we’re taken back to where it all started two weeks ago – causing the reader to be left with a mystery, encouraging them to carry on reading. I must admire the first couple of chapters left me unsure of whether I wanted to continue it but I’m glad I did. Kelk also has a distinct writing style for this genre that I missed. Easy going and lighthearted, with the personality of the characters (especially the female ones) clearly shining through. Even if the personalities can be a little grating.

I really enjoyed About A Girl (more than I thought I would). If you have rad, and loved any of the I Heart books then you will definitely like this (and appreciate the little nods to the series). Even if you didn’t enjoy the I Heart series, I seriously suggest you give this a try as I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. I know I’ll certainly be buying the sequel after being left with an ending like that!

Rating: 4/5


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