Book Review – The Night Rainbow

by Claire King
Started: 6th July 2014
Finished: 7th July 2014

This book has been sitting on my kindle for months. Finally, I’ve been able to dedicate some time to it, as I didn’t went to give it any less than my full attention. Which is what it needed as I couldn’t put it down.

The Night Rainbow is narrated by five-year-old Pea. Her and her four year old sister, Margot, go on adventures to the meadow and to Windy Valley, as their mamen is too sad to look after them, after losing a baby and their papa. Left alone and heavily pregnant, Pea’s mamen can’t cope and it’s the girls challenge to make her happy again. One day they meet grownup Claude and his ‘magic’ dog Merlin and the rest of the villagers are wary of the friendship but they just don’t see why…

Now, one if my favourite books is Room by Emma Donoghue and one of the reasons why is because it is narrated by the child; so I was thrilled to see that The Night Rainbow was narrated by Pea. Through a child’s perspective you see the world in a completely new, exciting and innocent way. I loved seeing how the little girl would explain things to her younger sister – how she may misunderstand or simply think grownups complicate things with silly questions. From Pea’s narration you see a strength, and loyalty; one may think a five-year-old couldn’t possess. I just fell in love with Pea and her perspective on life. I also liked the lack of punctuation at times when it’s just a stream of consciousness, as it makes the narration sounds like it is coming from a child.

All of the characters were great and made even more interesting from Pea’s perception of them. There is also a great deal of mystery surrounding he characters. Where this novel is from a child’s point of view there are things she doesn’t understand, therefore she conveys them in a way she thinks is true. Also where she is a child the adults keep things from her, leaving the reader eager to keep reading in the hope they discover the truth. I loved Pea’s interactions with the people and he world around her. Her and her sister, Margot’s. Sweet and innocent conversations were beautifully written. Their interactions with Claude were also fun to read, although they left me feeling uneasy at times. It was also interesting witnessing mamen’s depression through Pea’s eyes – which led to some of the most emotional scenes in the book.

There are certain revelations in the novel that left me shocked and sad – a couple of which I saw coming, but there were also some I was completely in the dark about. There is a major twist in the book that I only figured out pages before we’re told which broke my heart and stunned me. I also appreciated the fact by the end of the novel all the loose ends are tied up.

I simply don’t know what else to say. This novel took me by surprise and Pea and Margot have captured my heart. I urged everyone to read this novel, there are times where you may feel torn to pieces over these characters but equally there are times where they fill you with such a warmth you could smile for days. This has easily become one of my new favourite books and I can’t wait to see what else asking has in store. I urge everyone to read this, you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 5/5


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