Looking Back – Results Day 2013

Today is the day the A Level results are released, and many find out whether all their hard work has paid off.

I can’t believe that it’s a year ago that I was in the same position. The fear I felt was fascinating, I was terrified and excited. Looking back (and seeing how people are reacting this year) I knew deep down that I had got into my university of choice. However that didn’t stop me from logging into UCAS at 8am. It’s strange to not experience a results day as such this year, after having one every August for three years. In a way I miss the feeling but I’m also incredibly relieved that I’m not going through it again this year! I’ve loved the first year of my university experience and can’t wait for my second (although it’s going to be much more stressful)!

Tell me! How was results day for you? Regardless of what year it was, I’d like to hear your stories 😀


One thought on “Looking Back – Results Day 2013

  1. Janine Sparrow says:

    It was 1976 when I got my GCE/CSE results. Due to missing alot of secondary education I only had the final two years to achieve something. I remember feeling really anxious and so desperate to know if my hard work had paid off. The big brown envelope in my hand felt reassuring and I remember staring at it. Carefully I opened it and looked at the bright white paper, at first glance I was dazed, looking again I realised I had achieved 3 GCEs and 3CSEs. Not bad for my hard efforts and I was so happy and relieved. I didn’t get to University and it’s the one thing I wish I could have done. University, I feel is great opportunity for those who get in and should be a great chapter of a students life. Students learn how to become adults and university exposes them to lots of experiences. Cherish, the Uni years and build on the memories that are created.


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