Book Review – Fight Club

By Chuck Palahniuk
Started: 17th August 2014
Finished: 22nd August 2014

The first rule about fight club, is you do not talk about fight club. With this rule in mind, I think it’s appropriate to keep this review as brief as I can. Before reading the novel I already knew the plot and twist, however I’ve never read the book or seen the film. If it hadn’t been on my reading list then I probably would never had bothered with it, but now I know why so many people talk about this book/film.

One night the narrator meets Tyler Durden and his whole life changes. He finds himself attending fight club and helping Tyler with various dangerous and illegal things. When he isn’t at fight club or work, where his boss is getting increasingly suspicious of our narrators activities, he’s attending cancer support meetings. Which is where he meets Marla. As the novel progresses events become more intense for our narrator and he has to ultimately decide what life he wants to live, that’s if he wants to live at all.

There are really only three main characters in the novel with some minor recurring ones. Both the nameless narrator and Tyler are interesting characters, with twisted personalities (Tyler more so than the narrator). Some of their actions left me speechless but intrigued to see how far they pushed themselves and fight club itself. The frankness of both characters resulted into great moments and conversations which really made the book. In all honesty I didn’t care much for Marla, she didn’t really add anything to me and I didn’t miss her when she wasn’t being mentioned. She had more of a use at the end of the novel which I liked, however by then it was a little too late.

I did struggle to get into this book. For a while it felt as though there wasn’t a plot at all, especially as the narrative jumps often. In the beginning the jumping bothered me as every time I got into what was going on, the narrative was disrupted and I had to start to process again. However as the book went on I enjoyed the chaotic plot and felt it fit really well with the story. Despite my problems I also enjoyed the way the book was written, the varied syntax, random haikus and repeated sentences as it really gave you an insight into the mess of the narrators mind.

Although I didn’t like the book to begin with by the end I did really enjoy it, and I was pleased that I didn’t give up with it. If you like books with a shock factor, this is definitely one for you and you’ll never look at a bar of soap in the same way again…

Rating: 3/5


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