My Day in Greenwich!

On Friday 22nd August my mum and I went on a trip to Greenwich. We had originally planned to visit Charing Cross and go to the bookshops, but due to the tube lines we needed being disrupted due to industrial action (…again…) we ended up going to Greenwich instead.

After getting on five different trains we finally managed to get to Greenwich. Our first stop of the day was also my favourite. Halcyon Book Shop. It was quite small but it was filled with books! The walls were rammed with all kinds of books from various time periods. Then on the shop floor itself were three double sided shelves all packed in the same manner. It was simply bursting with books, there were even random piles stacked in corners. It was heaven. There was such a wide range of books too! There were recent paperback fiction titles (secondhand) antique books; children’s books; folio society books behind the counter; cook books; travel books; academic books etc… In addition to this the shop was having a sale so everything (except for the folio society books) were £1! After spending around 45 minutes in there I made my first (and unfortunately last) purchase of the day. A beautiful red, leather bound 1982 reprint of John Fowles’ The French Lieutenant’s Woman.


Once we managed to pull ourselves away from Halcyon Books we went in search for another like it, only to be disappointed by the other that we found… However the large Waterstones more than made up for it.

As we stumbled across The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy book bench when we arrived, we were on the look out to find more! We don’t really know the Greenwich area well so we only found two others (Samuel Pepys’ Diary and The Railway Children) but that didn’t bother me. I was happy to see them at all and they are beautiful (and very comfortable)! I’m making it my mission to find more before I go back to university.


It was a great (and book filled) day! After doing some more research mum and I have found other bookshops to visit there and benches to find. So we shall be going back to see it all! Hopefully we’ll also reach our ultimate goal of Charing Cross Road!

Rosie xx


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