My Day In Greenwich… Take Two!

So last week (22nd August) I took a trip to Greenwich. This week (on the 27th August) mum and I decided to go back there and take advantage of the Halcyon book sale. There wasn’t as many books this time but there were still plenty to choose from! After another good rummage I found five more books to add to my collection (all coming to £5). There will be more photos of the books on my Instagram.


Afterwards we had lunch and went off to find a book bench that we missed last time, that was very close to one we had already found! It didn’t take very long for us to come across it. It was the bench designed for The Canterbury Tales.


As we still had a little bit of time to kill before our last bookshop stop, we had a look at the painted hall and the chapel. It was absolutely beautiful and a lovely way to spend some time. The paintings were intricate and stunning in both, and luckily we were able to take photos.


This took us up to 1pm and we could go to the last bookshop called Book Place and Gallery. It was a quaint little shop with two rooms. They were both great but my interest was in the smaller second room where the poetry, plays and general fiction are kept. There were lots of first edition Penguin books with the iconic orange covers. However I ended up buying a volume of Shakespeare’s history plays, which mum discovered for only £3.50.


It was another successful trip to Greenwich with plenty of books (and an easier train journey)! I’m looking forward to going back to see what different things the shops we found have to offer.

Rosie xx


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