A Slight Change Of Plan!

The start to my second year is close, which means we’re starting to get emails about our modules. I have work for my Romanticism module and my first essay deadline! I like getting these emails as I like to be organised and know what I’m doing well in advance… Which is why I found the reading lists early Summer to start…

Today I received an email for my Gender and Sexuality module. However in this email I noticed something wasn’t right. The reading list has changed. I’ve already read three of the novels on the old list and was halfway through another. I’m a little put out by it, however the reading list does look a little better. So I’m just going to carry on with all of the other books I have piled up for uni in the meantime.

I hope this is the last change to my reading list!

Edit: As some of you may have seen on Twitter my reading list has been changed again! This time it is merging the old one and the new one so I don’t have to completely start this module reading from scratch! 🙂


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