My Second Year – Week One

[I’ve been considering making this a new weekly post for a while as I wanted to incorporate more of my university life onto my blog. These posts may be a week out but I’ll be caught up by Christmas – I hope you enjoy!]

After a very long summer I’m back at university. I’m happy to start settling back into a routine, was starting to go mad with nothing to do! Just like the beginning of any semester we had all the welcome talks and introductions to the new modules. I’m really looking forward to the modules this year. I’m taking:

  • 20th and 21st Century American Literature
  • Romanticism
  • Contemporary Literature: Gender and Sexuality
  • Constructing the Self

I think because I had more choice this year when it come to choosing modules I’m going to enjoy it even more than last year. The reading lists look great too, as you’ve seen I’ve already started them. I’m really looking forward to studying Less Than Zero for American Literature and Doctor Faustus for Constructing the Self.

It’s already quite full on even though it’s only week one, we’ve already got all our essay deadlines. My first is on the 17th November and my last is on the 8th December. So they’re fairly well spread out but they’re all done in time for Christmas when I need to start thinking about my exams.

What I didn’t know is that I have an extra module this year to prepare us for our work placement next year. Although I’m not enjoying the two-hour lecture (3-5) on a Monday, I am finding it really useful and it’s making me excited to start my work placement next year.

In addition to my lectures, I’ve also managed to get a part time temp job at my university bookshop. I really love working there, there’s a great group of people I’m working with. So I’m hoping it’s going to be a pretty permanent thing, but we’ll see. I’ve also worked one of my university open days, which was a lot of fun – I hope I managed to convince some people to join us next year!

I’m living in a house this year instead of being in halls, and I’m really missing halls. I love living with my friends, and I’ve really liked seeing everyone again. I just really miss halls, there seemed to be more of an independence and I could just do what I liked without having to take anyone else into consideration (i.e having a really hot shower whenever I wanted). I also liked knowing people were around you more, you were just a short stroll away from seeing your friends or if you forgot a book in a library, you could easily just go there without a second thought. Now I have to psych myself up for the walk (although it’s only ten/fifteen minutes) onto campus.

So yeah, that’s pretty much my first week. Really looking forward to see what the rest of the year is going to be like!

Rosie xxx


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