My Second Year – Week Two

My second week did not start the way I thought it would! Somehow I’ve managed to catch Fresher’s Flu again, despite taking measures to ensure that I wouldn’t get it again! On Monday I had every intention to make it into my 12pm lecture, but when I woke up I instantly knew that that wasn’t going to happen. I had no energy whatsoever; I could barely get out of bed to make tea. I couldn’t eat or sleep, it was just awful. I managed to get a doctors appointment that afternoon – I’m still surprised that I even managed to make it the walk there. Luckily one of my housemates was nearby and got the bus with me afterwards to pick up some antibiotics and walked me home.

So for the rest of the week I’ve been staying with my Aunt and Grandad who live near to me. I had more strength on the Tuesday but I still stayed in bed most of the time. I’m slowly getting better, still quite bunged up and still got a cough but I’m going back to uni and will hopefully be able to go to all of my lectures this week! Although I may go back to the doctor, just to make sure I don’t need anything stronger than what I’m taking.

All of my lectures get put online so that’s not a problem, but I take such detailed notes from what they say I don’t want to miss any more of that. Especially as I have exams in these modules this year and not just essays. I did manage to get some more reading done in the end, only Carol by Patricia Highsmith for my American Lit class but at least that’s something.

Some of my essay questions have gone up this week, I really just want to get started on them. I quite enjoy writing essays once I get stuck into them. I make a detailed plan, write out a terrible first draft and just keep editing it until I’m remotely happy with it.

As you can see, my second week of uni hasn’t been at uni at all! I’m really disappointed to have to have time off so soon into the year (I even couldn’t work the last Open Day of the year…) but hopefully that will be the only time I’m missing lectures!

Rosie xxx


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