Looking Back – First Favourite Author

Looking Back

When I was trying to decide what topic to talk about next in the Looking Back segment, there was a few things to choose from. Eventually I thought the best place to start would be the beginning of my love of books.

I have had several favourite authors over the years, however there is always one author that sticks out to me as my first favourite author. Michael Morpurgo. I fell in love with him after reading The Butterfly Lion and was only strengthened after reading Private Peaceful; Alone On The Wide, Wide Sea; Dear Olly and many more. 

I just loved his writing and the stories that he told. The plots were always so interesting and honest for children’s books. I just remember always getting excited seeing that he had a new book out. It’s several years later and I still find myself sometimes re-reading Private Peaceful or even I Believe In Unicorns.

However I must admit, I have never read or seen War Horse. I was just always more interested in reading his other books, however I fully intend to read it and watch it when I get the chance. I was so happy when it got recognition as I like knowing that children and adults are still enjoying his work and get to experience his books (both new and old).

I still have his books and I even still have a PowerPoint presentation (which was also my first PowerPoint presentation) that I made about him for my Year Five English lesson. There are many other authors I loved growing up, but Michael Morpurgo was my first favourite author.

Who was your favourite author? Or who is it now?

Rosie xx


2 thoughts on “Looking Back – First Favourite Author

  1. Janine Sparrow says:

    Your love of books has always been extraordinary. From a young age I remember the excitement of looking at and reading together the books of Lucy Collins and Nick Sharratt. The books were bright and colourful, the stories warm and gentle, we spent many odd hours sitting in old style bookshops enjoying the discovery of something new.
    My favourite author was Enid Blyton. The books I most coveted, were the Brer Rabbit collection. I would love hiding away in a little corner and lose myself in the simple, sweet, and at times the mischievous world of that small rabbit. Charles Dickens was my next memorable author and one you really find hard to like! My ultimate favourite is The Christmas Carol, closely followed by The Old Curiosity Shop. I enjoyed the way Dickens told a story and how believable the characters were, Scrooge being my favourite!
    So there you have it, books have played a big part in both our lives and I know that they always will.


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