My Second Year – Week Four

[Apologies for the late post!]

Finally, a full week back at university! On Monday, my lecture made me rethink one of my essays. After coming up with a basic essay plan I visited my tutor later in the week. I’m really pleased I did. Although it was only a quick meeting (as I really just wanted my plan approved so I could start work on it) it was really beneficial. My tutor was really enthusiastic with what I was putting forward. She went on to say that my essay idea is one of the strongest she’s heard so far – which has really motivated me to start this essay! Last year I emailed my tutors rather than went to see them during their office hours, however this year I plan to see them more than email them. I think I will get more out of it that way and it’s easier to see what they really think about what you’re doing through their facial expressions.

I finally made it into both my Romanticism lecture and seminar this week! We were focusing on Blake and his Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience, as well as his Book of Thel. I have only studied Blake once briefly at AS Level and really enjoyed it, so I loved learning about him in more detail. Despite having a lot of poems to read for the seminar I really loved them. And it was nice to finally be able to make it into the Romanticism seminar for the first time in two weeks!

Instead of being given talks about work placement this week, we were told about what happens when you choose to study abroad. Listening to the students talk about their experiences made me really think about it. Deep down I know it will probably be more beneficial to do a full year in work rather than one semester studying abroad and one semester working. But it does sound like such a great experience… I might bring it up with my placement tutor next week…

However, just because I was in university the whole week didn’t mean my health was back to normal! On Tuesday I tried to get a doctors appointment for my ribs, however I missed the callback as I was in back-to-back lectures. The pain got so bad during my lectures that after they finished I just walked to the hospital and went to A&E. Fortunately it’s not very far away, but it hurt so much to walk. After answering lots of questions; having an x-ray and waiting around for three hours (luckily I had Middlesex for company) I was told to get a certain type of strong painkiller. It seems to be getting better now so that’s the important thing!

This week was also a first for me – I went home on the train on my own to surprise my mum. I know this might not seem like a big deal to some people, but I’ve not been on a train by myself before. I’ve been on them with my parents or with my friends, but not on my own. I stressed out slightly because my first train was delayed and didn’t want to have to miss the other two that I had to catch, but it all worked out remarkably well! There was something about it that makes you feel very independent and grown up – you have to plan the route yourself and find the platforms etc. After I realised I wasn’t going to miss any of my trains, despite the delay, it went a lot smoother for me. I even managed to read some more of Middlesex.


2 thoughts on “My Second Year – Week Four

  1. misstrainee says:

    Hope you feel better soon! I remember my first independent train journey and it was really exhilarating to just act like a really grown up ! Constantly go across the country on train to visit my boyfriend at university and although it can be stressful and expensive, there’s nothing like just being carried to your destination lost in a good book! 🙂


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