My Second Year – Week Five

My lectures and seminars have been quite good this week. Nothing particularly significant happened. Although I felt I did a lot on sonnets this week, two different modules featured them. I quite liked that though, I do like a sonnet (even if I have to read 36 of them for one seminar…). I was also pleased that my lecture that goes on until 5 on a Monday finished early, and it was really useful when it comes to placement.

Speaking of placement – I’ve finally had a meeting with my tutor! It was nice to finally be able to talk out what I want to do and see what’s available. I really want to go into publishing but I know it’s going to be difficult getting a placement there at all, let alone for a year or even six months. So I’m looking into marketing too, as it wasn’t until that meeting that I realised the experience I actually have in it and how much I enjoy it. There are some great opportunities and placements to apply for too, so when my CV and Cover Letters have been checked I’m going to start applying!

This week it’s also really hit me how little time I have to do my essays and keep on top of my reading. The essay due first just doesn’t read right to me, there’s just something about it I don’t like. So, naturally, instead of working at it I start on another essay due the week after. Although I’m pleased I’ve started that essay because I have quite a lot to work on, and it’s good I’ve been told now and not too late!

I went home again on the train this week. Luckily my seminar finished on time and I somehow managed to make the 14:17 train! I was very happy, I even managed to get an earlier train home than last week. I bumped into a couple of friends from school who I’ve not seen for a while which was nice. I like catching up with them, even if it is just a quick conversation here and there.

Rosie xx


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