Looking Back – My 2014

Looking Back

2014 has been quite an important year for me in terms of books and blogging. Although it has been a hobby for a while, I really started to become more invested in blogging and take it more seriously this year. It was a great decision to move onto WordPress and I’m looking forward to spending 2015 on here too!

This was the year I was approached by authors and approved by publishers, which really means a lot to me. I’ve also had a great amount of support from fellow book bloggers too! In addition, I’m really proud of surpassing my GoodReads Reading Challenge. I set myself 30 books after just missing out on my goals the past few years, only to end up reading 47! Hopefully I’ll be just as successful in 2015!

Here is a brief look at my books of 2014:

First Book Read: Welcome to my World by Johnny Weir

Last Book Read: Special Delivery by Clare Dowling [review has unfortunately been lost, but I will rewrite it!]

Favourite Books:

Favourite University Books:

Thank you for being a part of my 2014 and I hope you continue to stay with me in 2015! I’m really looking forward to seeing what will happen in 2015 🙂

Rosie xx


One thought on “Looking Back – My 2014

  1. Janine Sparrow says:

    Hi Rosie,
    Here’s wishing you a very successful new year and that you go on to achieve your goals ★★★
    I’ll look forward to following your journey in 2015 🙂
    Mum x♥x


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