Looking Back – My Favourite Childhood Books

Looking Back

As this is my first ‘Looking Back’ post of 2015, I thought it was only fitting to talk about where my love of books really started…

It goes without saying that I loved Michael Morpurgo books as a kid but the first books I remember loving as a child were Guess How Much I Love You and A Kiss Like This. My parents actually bought me new editions of these books for my 18th. I’m really pleased they did as now I have a large copy of A Kiss Like This which I loved mostly for the illustrations – it’s just such a beautiful book.

Although I no longer have any, I also loved the Maisy books and would spend ages reading them with my mum in bookshops – before buying at least one. Even back then I couldn’t leave a bookshop empty handed! I also loved anything by Nick Sharratt (personal favourites include: My Mum and Dad Make Me Laugh and I Went to the Zoopermarket), they were just so fun! Writing this post has also jogged my memory and reminded me of adoring Mick Inkpen’s work too (such as the Kipper books, The Blue Balloon and The Great Pet Sale).

As I grew up I continued my love affair with the written word. Just like most British kids, I loved the Harry Potter series. However, another series that I devoured was the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz. My mum had taken me to see Stormbreaker in the cinema and then took me to Borders afterwards… Where I ended up buying the first three books in the series. I was back in there by the end of the week buying the rest of the series! For a while I was really into spy books and secret agent books (like Chris Ryan and Andy McNab’s book for teens). After these books I got really into the Darren Shan Saga which I loved. The ending really stayed with me and is one of my favourites of any series.

Speaking of endings I think this might be a good place to end this post – otherwise I’ll end up talking about every book I’ve ever read and loved! I’ve really enjoyed writing this post and remembering books I’ve not thought about in a while. Although I’m certain that there are ones that I’ve missed. When I change my room around I’m going to hunt down some of these books – if only I had the time to re-read them…

What were your favourite childhood books?

Rosie xxx


One thought on “Looking Back – My Favourite Childhood Books

  1. Janine Sparrow says:

    Hi Rosie,
    Just wanted to say that our trips to all the different book shops were my favourite part of you growing up. We used to spend a couple of hours reading different books before you’d decide on your favourite. I’ll never forget when they closed your favourite bookshop Borders, you were inconsolable for very long time, even now you’ll mention it occasionally. I loved buying you books as I knew that you enjoyed them and coveted them like precious jewels. You still do that now and I still like buying books for you and will do for always. ★♥★


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