Y2 – Second Semester, Week Four

This week has been a good week despite the amount of reading! Although it’s only going to get worse next week… I feel like I’ve done a lot this week!

I managed to read three of the four texts, the only one I didn’t manage was Sense and Sensibility, however I watched the film instead. The texts were interesting this week and even though I didn’t finish it, Sense and Sensibility was my favourite text (which is surprising as I’m not a fan of Austen, as some of you know). I also got to start planning, or at least making notes on, my essay that’s due in a couple of weeks. So at least I’m going somewhere with that!

My Sense and Sensibility seminar was also my favourite seminar of the week too. It was an interesting text which led to some great discussions, especially with the group I was working with. I also really enjoyed my Detective Fiction seminar too. We were studying The Hound of the Baskervilles and talking about Holmes and Watson’s relationship – which led to some funny moments!

This week was also the week we got to vote for people to run our student’s union next year and other similar positions. I love the way my university does it because they have three nights of question panels, which they broadcast live on YouTube. I always find it really interesting. As a reward for voting this year we got Dominos pizza vouchers too which was also great! My housemates and I stuffed our faces with pizza whilst watching the results! I’ve managed to spend a lot more time with my housemates this week too, which has been nice!

I ended the week in a great way too. I spent my Saturday in Brighton visiting one of my closest friends. I haven’t been to Brighton in around nine years and I haven’t seen my friend since the Summer (I think) so it was nice to go back and catch up. It was such a great day, she showed me round and we ate in this cute American diner, the weather was surprisingly nice too!


As I’m writing this I’ve noticed the posts/reviews I scheduled never posted so one I’ve posted this I’m going to investigate!

Rosie xxx


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