Y2 – Second Semester, Week Five

Not the best start to the week. I’m not entirely sure how I managed it but I completely forgot I had a lecture until 15 minutes before the lecture was due to start. I somehow still managed to get there on time, but in a frantic rush to get ready I didn’t have time to eat and forgot to put deodorant on. Luckily it was only one, one hour lecture so I could go home and sort myself out in my two hour break before work. Work was quiet so I got to have a nice chat with one of the women I work with about books and whatnot. On Tuesday I had my last lecture with one of my favourite lecturers which is a shame, it also made me realise how close to the end of my second year I am (even though I’m only in the fifth week). The Wednesday seminar didn’t go how it was supposed to but only two people in the group had actually managed to finish the novel (The Mill on the Floss). So instead we discussed our essay with the tutor which was really helpful. I spent the rest of my day on Wednesday just reading criticism and collecting information for my essay, so hopefully I’ll get it written fairly quickly this week.

Film adaptations have got me through this week really. I watched a film adaptation of the play (6 Characters in Search of an Author – which I loved and highly recommend!) I had to read for Monday, although I read the play alongside it as it was fairly accurate. I also had to watch the film for The Mill on the Floss and Brick Lane. I try to read as many of the texts per week as I can, but sometimes it’s only possible to read one rather than the full four. I hate going into seminars not having anything prepared at all so I watch a film version (if there is one) whilst doing some brief research and hope the notes I make are relevant to the discussions in the seminar.

This week we were also sent an email talking about selecting modules for final year. As I’m hoping to go into a year work placement next year it’s not compulsory, however I’m still going to choose them in case I end up doing my final year earlier than I anticipated. I’m going to be honest though, I’m slightly disappointed by the modules being offered for final year. Hopefully the module presentation will get me more interested in a couple of them.

As I have an essay due I’m too wrapped up in that to do anything else really, not terribly exciting I know but it’s necessary. I was hoping to get more of it done this weekend however I stupidly left some of my notes on my desk instead of packing them. So instead I’ve had a restful weekend at home, which will hopefully prepare me for the stressful week ahead!

Rosie xxx


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