Y2 – Second Semester, Week Six

[A couple of weeks late – sorry for the delay!]

This week has literally been all focused around my essay, apart from the time I spent in lectures. I studied some interesting texts this week – Orlando (Virginia Woolf) and Maud (Alfred Tennyson) were particular favourites of mine. The seminar for Orlando was so interesting – we needed more than an hour on it really! The Maud seminar was really good in terms of content – however it was a little tricky for me as I was working with people that hadn’t read the text, so it felt like I was just talking at them for nearly an hour rather than discussing it with them. Luckily I loved the text so I had a lot to say about it. On Friday I felt pretty terrible when I woke up so decided to give myself the day off of classes, as I wouldn’t have taken anything in at all. I hate missing classes – but sometimes it’s for the best. The day went at my own pace and I even managed to get some more of my essay done.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so stuck writing an essay before. When I first looked at the questions I had a fairly good idea with where I wanted to go with it but when I ended up planning it I wasn’t sure at all – even with the research I had already done! So, I thought it would be better to change my approach, which did make things a lot easier… But I had to spend more time researching the essay than writing it. This year I realised that I spend more time researching the essay than I do writing it! I spent 11 hours on it on Saturday and still wasn’t completely satisfied with it… But it’s been submitted now after looking it over with fresh eyes on Sunday morning and that’s the most important thing!

Now I just have to get this presentation ready for Tuesday. Although we’ve both done our research for it, we just need to meet up and put it together. I just have to hang in there for one more week and then it’s Easter break and I have a month off to sort myself out. There’s a couple of work placements I’ve found which I want to apply for, which I’ll do this week now the essay is over with.

Rosie xxx


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