Y2 – Second Semester, Week Seven

Monday was the deadline for my essay so my Modernism lecture was fairly empty. The Tuesday Modernism seminar was pretty quiet too, however I didn’t mind that as that was when my friend and I had to give our presentation on Nella Larsen’s Passing. It went really well and our seminar tutor seemed impressed with it. It’s kind of a shame that we weren’t being assessed on it as it went so well, but if it was assessed I would have been so stressed out about it. Wednesday was my favourite day of the week. My friend, Annabelle, and I went ice-skating. I’ve always wanted to learn but have only been twice (well, three times now) and she took classes for a few years – so she’s offered to teach me! She has a lot of patience as I am terrible! I think I only fell twice and we were on the ice for well over two hours, so I think that’s pretty good! It was just so much fun and I hope we get to do it again soon – I’m determined to learn!


Thursday and Friday were fairly relaxed about from the mad rush to pack to go home for my month long break! I’m so happy to be home for a while now, especially as I don’t have a lot of urgent uni work to do. I did spend the whole of Saturday doing various work placement applications though. I think I’ll mostly be doing work placement stuff over Easter rather than university stuff. Although, by the end of my break I want one essay written and basic plans for the other two. I’m also going to focus on sorting out my bedroom so it can finally be redecorated.

I hope to get a lot done this break! As I’m not at university now this will be my last of these posts until I go back. However, I might do a post on the last Sunday I’m off just to sum up what I’ve done over the break… So look-out for that! I hope you all have a great Easter/Spring Break!

Rosie xxx


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