Book Review – Strange Girls and Ordinary Women

by Morgan McCarthy

Started: 14th July 2015

Finished: 14th July 2015

I was sent this book through bookbridgr and I’ve wanted to read it since it arrived, however I had too much uni reading to do. I’ve finally found the time to pick it up and I have to admit, I’m quite disappointed…

The novel focuses on the lives of three very different women. Alice, whose marriage is gradually falling apart; Vic, who is in love with her best friend but is confused about her feelings and Kaya, who begins working as a stripper in order to save money for her degree. Although their lives are very different they do all link together in some way.

In the beginning I found the three protagonists very likeable and interesting. I really enjoyed reading abut each of them in part one, however as the novel progressed and the characters developed I found each of them to be less and less likeable. Sometimes I could understand why they were acting the way they were but other times I just couldn’t. I began to get a little frustrated and bored with them. Which is a shame as the plot was quite interesting and it did keep me reading as I was curious to see how it would end for each character.

Although aspects of the plot did keep me reading, sometimes I did find it a little predictable and in some parts hard to follow. There’s a great twist in the novel, but I was left a little confused by it as it took me a while to realise the various jumps in time that had been happening. I would have liked it if these jumps in time were marked a little more clearly with the addition of dates; as there were things happening in the past but I thought they were happening in the present. There was a lot of potential for the plot but because of the uncertainty of when certain events were taking place I lost a little interest.

Despite this I did like the way the novel was written. I felt that there was a poetic, almost lyrical, style to McCarthy’s writing which made parts of the novel really lovely to read. It was because of this I was able to read the whole novel in a matter of hours.

Overall Strange Girls and Ordinary Women wasn’t as good as I hoped it would be and I only liked a few aspects of it. However, as I enjoyed McCarthy’s writing style I think I will try one of her other books in the future.

Rating: 2/5


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