Book Review – Americosis Vol.1

By Haydn Wilks

Started: 1st September 2015
Finished: 1st September 2015

I was sent Americosis Volume 1 by Dead Bird Press in exchange for an honest review. I didn’t really know what to make of the summary, it didn’t sound like anything I had read or heard of before which interested me. However it wasn’t quite what I expected and has left me unsure as to whether I wish to read the next instalment. 

The novella begins with an unnamed narrator who seems to be not of this Earth. This quickly changes to the disgraced PR businessman John suspended over an inappropriate email, Maybelline finding a naked man (who goes by the Saviour) in the middle of the road and her sister Loreal having to deal with a very unusual arrival at her church camp. 

As this was only an introduction to the series none of the characters particularly stood out apart from the nameless being at the beginning of the story and the Saviour. Their personalities and the mystery surrounding them was really interesting and left me wanting to know more about them. If I had to pick just a regular character to see developed it would have to be the teenage girl Libby. I would like to see her interact with more characters in the upcoming volumes. Other than that, I didn’t really get attached to or even like the rest of the characters, some of that may have been down to their names, two of which being Maybelline and Loreal (although I must admit, after realising they’re sisters did make me giggle). 

Again, as it was only an introduction not a great deal happened in terms of plot until towards the end. However, I must admit that I didn’t really notice this until I was mostly done with it. Although not much happens the constant switching around to somewhat related incidents helped keep the pace and distract me from the fact that nothing actually happened for quite some time. I would have liked something more in terms of plot towards the end though. What was offered was good, but I’m still not convinced I want to read the next volume. I’m certainly intrigued by certain aspects but would have liked a little more information to really make me want to continue the series. 

I think this series may have potential and could possibly be better as it continues, as the characters are given more time to develop and grow (as well as the plot). In terms of the writing there are a few humorous moments and the differences in the characters personalities are certainly clear. The random occasional sex makes sense after the plot summary I was given, however if I hadn’t been given it then it would have felt unnecessary. If you read this without a summary, just keep in mind it will have importance later on so stick with it. There are also a lot of religious and political references that I can only assume will be more significant as the series continues, but to have so many in just an introduction it began to feel like too many.The pacing of the novella was a little off for me, some of that may have been something to do with the fact that it is an introduction which means it could possibly be better in the upcoming volumes. 

Overall I’m quite conflicted with how I feel with this novella. It kept my attention and I’m certainly somewhat curious to see the mystery unfold, however I didn’t connect with nearly any of the characters and I don’t know enough about what’s going on to decide on whether this series will be for me. 

Rating: 2/5


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