An Autumn Update…

Hi guys!

As you may have noticed I haven’t posted a review in a while and am scarcely on Twitter. That’s because work got very hectic with some important events (and weird working hours) which just left me exhausted. Luckily I have a week off coming up which is where I fully intend to catch up on my books! (I have several review copies to get through and let’s not even get started on all my other books I can’t seem to stop myself from buying). Apparently things will start to become quiet for Christmas which means I’ll be able to focus more on my blog of an evening rather than just crashing as soon as I step through the door!

So watch this space, I’ll be back to books very soon! A play review of Of Mice and Men may even be coming towards the end of the month…!

Thank you so much for your support and patience!

Rosie xx


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