April Update!

Hi everyone

Since my last post I had a big project at work (creating 40+ pages of a microsite and uploading content to all those pages) to complete which took up a lot of my time during the day and left me exhausted afterwards. I also turned 21 and had over a week off work doing a lot of fun stuff, most of it was literature based and I have longer posts about those actitivies planned and coming very soon!

At the minute a lot of my spare time has been dedicated to doing things for university as I had a poster presentation to deliver last week, and now I need to write a dissertation proposal by the end of May (and I currently have absolutely no clue where to start). On top of this I’m also looking for somewhere to live in my final year, as my univeristy had a record breaking number of applicants they’ve been unable to offer any final years accommodation… So far I have no house or housemates, which isn’t ideal but I’m doing what I can, when I can.

I’m sure everything will come together eventually… In the meantime I’m just going to work on my birthday posts and possibly a play review. Oh, and figure out what topic and texts I’m going to dedicate six months of my life to when I go back to uni…!

Rosie xx 


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