Y3 – First Semester, Fresher’s Week

This week I officially moved back to uni for my final year (I still haven’t fully come to terms with the fact this is my final year, I’m in a permanent state of questioning how time has gone this quickly). As this week was fresher’s week I didn’t have any classes, however I wanted to come back this week so I had the time to move into my new house and settle down before classes start.

In my last university update I had just started house hunting for my final year and I think that was the most stressful thing I’ve had to do for uni. It took a couple of months before I found a room close to campus which is also a nice size, which is great as I’ll be spending 80% of my week working in it. In total they’ll be five of us in the house, just waiting on a couple of the last housemates to move in but everyone seems really nice so far!

I moved back on Monday and spent most of the day unpacking with my parents before having a late lunch with them at T.G.I Friday’s in town. Tuesday I met up with two of my housemates from my second year for coffee in town, it was lovely to see them again and we went to a nice cafe which had a comfy and cozy upstairs surrounded by books (naturally, this will be my go-to in town from now on). As it had been a while since I had walked into town I had forgotten how awful it is to walk back… So many hills!

On Wednesday I met up with a couple of other friends at one of their houses to catch up and see how all our placement’s went, and thoughts about doing our final year. This somehow ended up with another trip into town, which was fine until I took a wrong turn on my way back home and ended up on the other side of the road, facing the opposite direction (no, I still don’t know how I managed that either). I spent the rest of Thursday recovering from the 8+ miles that I had walked in the past two days and decided it would be best if I didn’t leave the house!

I went home for the weekend on Friday as I had a driving lesson on Saturday and had a lot of things to pick up that I’d forgotten (or got partly through the week and realised I needed it). On Friday I was also given my timetable which consists of a 2-4pm Victorian Poetry class on a Monday, a 11am-1pm Health, Illness and Technological Imaginaries class on a Friday and occasionally a 11am-1pm dissertation workshop on a Thursday.

Really looking forward to the coming week to get back into the swing of things (although I probably won’t feel as excited when I am actually back into the swing of things… Haha!).

Rosie xx


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