Y3 – First Semester, Week One

This week was my first week back in classes. I loved being back in classes, although it’s odd to go to two-hour classes after being used to just one hour lectures.

I had quite a long afternoon on Monday, I had my 2-4pm Victorian Poetry class which was great and the lecturer even brought biscuits. We’re a small class which is nice, and a mix of students who went on a placement year and students who didn’t so there were some new faces amongst the familiar ones. After my lecture I went to town with one of my friends to kill some time before we had to be back on campus for our evening welcome talk and reception. I’m pretty certain the general welcome talk is the same one we get every year, haha! It was quite interesting though, I’m now considering doing a Masters but I’m not completely certain yet.

On Wednesday I met up with another friend and got to meet her service dog who is wonderful and had dinner round her flat whilst she introduced me to Gravity Falls. When I got in I did my reading for my class on Friday which I enjoyed more than I thought I would (as usually introductory reading can be a little dry). As I got all my work done on Wednesday, after my dissertation lecture on Thursday (which was really interesting and reassuring as hardly anyone seems to have a concrete argument for their topic yet) I had the rest of the afternoon off. Which resulted in another trip into town for tea and lunch…!

Friday morning I was up earlier than expected and went onto campus before my lecture to grab a drink and do some work before the lecture, although not a lot of work ended up being done…! I had my 11am-1pm Health, Illness and Technological Imaginaries class which was really interesting and it sounds like we’re going to be studying a range of great texts! They seemed to have kept everyone who did a placement year separate from those who didn’t for this class, which felt like we hadn’t been away at all!

Overall, I had a great first week back and I think I’m really going to enjoy my classes! We’ll see how everything goes in week two, which is already looking busier than week one…


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