Y3 – First Semester, Week Two

I had a very packed week last week, which is why this post is a little later than I had planned it to be…

On Monday we discussed Tennyson’s In Memoriam in our Victorian Poetry class, and although I like Tennyson, this certainly isn’t one of my favourites of his but it does have some great lines and stanzas which makes it worthwhile. Afterwards I headed into town with one of my friends as we were going to be attending the Anthony Horowitz event (where he was going to be talking about his latest book, Magpie Murders) later that evening. We met one of our other friends for dinner in Franco Manca (which was great!) before the event started.

I have another, longer, post lined up talking about the Anthony Horowitz event so I won’t go into it in detail here. All I will say is that it was amazing to be there and listen to him speak about his work and writing in general. It was encouraging and motivating with some interesting in depth discussion on characters and crime fiction.

As Tuesday is a day off for me I took a trip to Chantry Woods with my friend and her dog, Blue, to do something different and to get out of the house. I don’t think I’ve been into woods for quite a few years so it was nice to get around and take some photos.


On Wednesday there was the careers fair which was quite interesting to look around, however I didn’t find many jobs or organisations that I was particularly interested in. A lot of them seemed to revolve around finance, engineering and HR. But I did sign up for some more information about some graduate schemes and also got some more information about postgraduate studies. Afterwards I met up with a friend who is doing a PhD and got to talk to her about postgraduate study too, which was really helpful.

I spent my Thursday reading Audre Lorde’s The Cancer Journals ahead of my Friday class of Health, Illness and Technological Imaginaries (I think I’m going to start shortening that…). The class itself was really interesting and it seemed like a lot of people had things to say about this text which prompted some great discussions. After the class I grabbed some lunch with a friend before going to another event at the Guildford Book Festival. This time we saw Keith Stuart (author of A Boy Made of Blocks) talk about his book, autism and gaming which was fascinating. Again, like with the Anthony Horowitz event a longer post will be coming soon going into more detail about this event. I would have liked to have had a chat with him after the event however, unfortunately, I had to rush off to catch a train but I was still pleased I was able to go at all.

Overall I had a great week doing things that I wouldn’t normally get to do and visiting new places, I hope this is a theme that will be continuing throughout my final year of university!


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