Y3 – Semester One, Week Three

Whilst this week may not have been as busy, socially, as last week I still definitely had a lot to keep me busy.

I had a fairly late start on Monday, choosing to spend the morning resting in bed instead of doing anything productive as I had all my work ready for my Victorian Poetry class. This week we were looking at Robert Browning, I was really eager to see how we would be analysing his poetry as I studied him at GCSE level and was curious to see if there was anything we didn’t consider back then in our analysis. I really enjoy Browning’s poetry, however that class really summed up Literature (as a subject) for me… As I went in there pretty certain Porphyria’s Lover was about a man murdering his lover and came out of the class thinking the speaker had a hair fetish and was into asphyxiation.

I spent my entire Tuesday reading The Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson. I was determined to get it read for three reasons:

  1. I wanted to get my work done for Friday as soon as possible so I had time to do other things;
  2. I was intrigued as to where to book was going and wanted answers to all the questions the book was offering;
  3. I wanted to spend my evening playing the Pokémon Sun and Moon Special Demo which was released that morning and I refused to let myself download it until I had done the reading.

The Brown Girl in the Ring was a really interesting read and it wasn’t anything like I was expecting… There were a lot more spirits than I thought there would be for a book on my Health module, haha!


On Wednesday I finally had my dissertation meeting as I felt ready for it. What I thought would be a half an hour meeting solely focused on my dissertation turned into an hour and a half chat about my dissertation, the course in general and other bookish things. Although it wasn’t completely focused on my dissertation the meeting was really useful and I feel more confident in my idea and I’m pleased I’m now at a stage where I can start doing some research.

In the evening my university celebrated it’s 50th anniversary with a night of music (from a university band, GSA ensemble and a Beatles tribute band) and fireworks. It was a really fun evening and the fireworks were great to watch, I’m really pleased that I got to be a part of that.

On Thursday I had my last dissertation workshop for this month where we spoke about the literature review part of the project. To me, this sounds like the best place to start my dissertation and will tie in nicely with the research which I plan on starting with. So not only will I be able to start my dissertation by researching it, I’ll be able to start writing my literature review too. Afterwards I met up with one of my old housemates and we had a catch up for a couple of hours which was nice.

My Friday class, where we discussed The Brown Girl in the Ring went, well I think. I seemed to talk a lot in that class for some reason. Perhaps I understood the book more than I thought I did…! Or at least, I certainly had a lot more to say about it than I thought I would have.

From next week I think I’m going to start to be more strict with my time and plan my days better; as I will be getting my assessment questions for both my classes which means I can finally start them. I’m quite looking forward to doing work other than reading for my classes as I haven’t written an essay on literature for over a year now!


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